Return and/or Exchange

We do everything we can to inform you about the products on our website. In case you`ve made a purchase but eventually do not wish to keep the product(s) you have the right to return the product(s) without giving any reason within fourteen (14) days upon receiving the order.

During this period you, as the consumer, will handle the product(s) and the packaging. You will only unpack or use the product(s) to the extent necessary in order to assess if you wish to keep the product(s). If you`ll use the right to exchange the product(s), you will – preferably– return the product(s) undamaged and in original condition and packaging back to the company, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the company with the purchase. The instructions are also to be found on the `Return & Exchange` page at the bottom of our website, but for your convienience we also placed the instructions on the bottom of this page.

We will only accept exchanges or returns for which the instructions are followed, not complying with these instructions can have depreciation in the refund amount as result.

For shipping of returned items (within the Netherlands) €7,25 postal charges will be charged. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the purchase, the remaining amount will then be refunded back to your account.

Shipping costs (postage) from a country other than the Netherlands will be at a minimum of €9.- and up may go up to €30.- postal charges (plus any other charges), based on the country of dispatch. The amount of the shipping cost will be retained from the purchase price before refunding.

Your return will be confirmed by e-mail. The purchase price of the exchange, minus the postage, will be refunded within 10 business days on the account the amount is from.


Products that have been received after the prescribed time will not be accepted.

The instructions

Take care of the product and packaging, make sure you avoid stains and damage when taking it out to try it on. Be careful with any excess lotions and/or cremes that you might have on your skin and/or hands and figers, all these could cause smudges on the fabric.

If you have tried on the product but don`t like it as much, please try to fold the it back in it`s original form as much as possible and place the product back in it`s original packaging.

Upon recieving the product it will be inspected for excessive usage, just so you know!