What we are about..

Our brand is bigger than `just` clothing, it`s about the want to understand and the need to know. Or at least wanting to learn and possibly apply this knowledge, being more aware of the world that surrounds us.

As a brand we like to touch on various subjects, some of these are interesting while others could be considered controversial.

And sometimes we like to think that we are just simply funny..

But let`s get into it, for example: we are supposed to have freedom of speech but these freedoms are closing in slowly seeing whatever is left of it. Actions of big-tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter help to suppress opinion and shape the minds of the masses by censoring, withholding and/or twisting information.

At the same time, information coming from people such as Edward Snowden (now enjoying asylum in Russia) or Julian Assange (at this moment being held in maximum security Belmarsh prison, London) is being witheld, how is this justified?

Witholding information means we are not allowed to know certain truths, why would that be?

Regardless, eventually this censorship means freedom of thought is breaking up the same just as freedom of speech does..

But there are also groups of people that cause confusion, so do various social constructs.

For example feminism, it causes females to make choices that are not necessarily beneficial to them in the long run. For instance the message of promiscuity, it`s seen as a sign of liberation while it causes their `purity` to decline rapidly in such a way men won`t marry them. Effectively avoiding the nuclear family.

Gender is also a social construct that confuses people, it shapes the believe that one can identify as someone considering ones `feelings` but who they are not when looking from a reality standpoint. 

The belief is created that there is a spectrum between the male and female gender, completely ignoring the xx and xy chromosomes.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an example of a group of people that created more bad than good, by fueling diversity between black people and the police they shape the belief that all police officers are (here we go again) racist.

Ofcourse, some officers are on a powertrip. Using their authority to adhere to their feelings, so get it right: they should uphold the law, not their feelings!

But sure, BLM might have started out with a noble cause. But afterwards we can see they profit off death and grievance and make millions of dollars to enrich themselves without doing anything to make it better in the communities that support them, therefore the after effect is detrimental.

Over here we support critical thinking and questioning. Based on facts, data and statistics we can form an opinion that we are willing to state.

Why does it seem that ignorant behavior is `rewarded` but good behavior is being frowned upon?

Yes, you may come from a single parent household with it`s disadvantages or went through the justice system, you might have been addicted, perhaps you were discriminated against or have a major debt issue, whatever the case may be.

There is no use in playing the victim. Complaining is not going to help anyone going forward in life.

At Marciano Couture we encourage you to find a way through life and put your mind to good use at the same time.

Our intent is to interest you with linguistics, finance, mathematics and physics brought to you in a way that is easy and fun to understand, ancient and recent history with it`s secrets and mysteries, thoughts about the future and accompanying technology, nature, biology, science and psychology, the justice system and some of it`s court cases, the constitution and the people that either uphold or erode it, politics and it`s peculiarity, entertainment with it`s weird ways, social experiments and `conspiracies` (mind you, some of them turned out to be true!) because it`s good for you to know about these matters.

And admitted, over here we are still learning everyday.

Our ethnic image is at stake, looking at the statistics on the culture we can do so much better.

The emblem (yes, that is what we call it!) represents our solar system.

A representation of the good, the bad and the interesting in our world and beyond..

..and, where it came from!


Prelude –

We are mostly influenced by hiphop, soul music, the civil rights movement of the 60`s, blaxploitation movie`s from the 70`s and the lessons of life itself.

(by the way, did you get it? The epilogue started with a prelude)

It`s obvious a lot has been done to have the black man, women and child in a disadvantaged position. This was achieved by kidnapping them from their motherland and stripping them of their identity, later this disposition was forced upon by law. For generations these dispositions have been structured in such a way that government agencies, politics (or the lack thereof), police brutality, informants, unemployment, poverty, drugs, violence, prison sentences and murders deformed households.

Assassinations of leaders also changed the path dramatically.

Nowadays society still carries it`s disastrous past in various ways but some people are willingly contributing to this destruction, For instance, rappers sending out a message that glorifies crime by selling drugs or making it seem cool being hooked on it. Or female rappers sending a message of promiscuity to young girls, corrupting the minds of these future mothers and say it`s empowering to females under the guise of girlpower.

A vicious circle that will continue for generations to come if we don`t intervene.

Think about it, do you presume them to be responsible parents when they grow up?

With that being said, the world doesn`t owe any of us understanding.

Our people need to get it right, and fast! We have killed, raped, looted, drugged, degraded, tortured, robbed, mislead and lied to each other. 

We have a lot of cleaning and catching up to do! 

So, to make an already long story short: as a people we need to protect our culture and create a global (and respected) identity. 

We really need to set a higher standard for ourselves, the statistics on the culture could look much better.

Why would you not want make a difference? 


The Past –

Marciano Couture is an Amsterdam (the Netherlands) based and 3-time certified tailor with a passion for the craft. His clientele consisted of both male and female customers who liked to wear clothing made to fit their personality, posture and wishes upon the design of the item of choice.

A pattern would be drawn for every individual piece to be made, the cloth would be cut and the item is made. Two fitting sessions are arranged to ensure the fit for the wearer and the final details would be discussed, upon completion and handover of the garment the wearer had an unique and very personal piece to add to the wardrobe.

The Present –

It has been a challenge to create an international customer base but a mini collection was needed to be produced and a webstore had to be realized, hard work and dedication created the opportunity to do so. In a sense for those who want identify themselves with the craft of tailoring but also for those that appreciate the style Marciano Couture is able to portray with this collection and the identity it carries. Now you can enjoy the brand that is easy to access. Measurements has been standardized so you can pick the desired size, styles have been simplified to attract an array of customers who are not able to have these personal and unique pieces but still want to represent the brand.

The Future –

 A message of intelligence, leadership, wisdom, independence and prosperity..

..the time is now!

Black imprisonment rate in the U.S. in 2018 (per 100.000, age 18 and up)
1501 Prisoners