Checkout Process

Step by Step

After putting the desired product(s) into your cart, you can go directly to your shopping cart from the link at the top of the store page. Review your cart and ensure that you have the correct quantities and size.Click ‘Go to Checkout’ where the shipping options will be shown.


  1. Delivery Confirmation:

Confirm the address shown is correct. Select the appropriate shipping method. Note, all orders outside of the EU will require additional shipping insurance that can be selected on the next page.


  1. Payment Confirmation:

You can enter your unique discount code and select the shipping insurance on this page. PAYMENT options include ‘Check/Money Order’ or ‘Paypal IPN’. Select Paypal IPN when paying via paypal or credit card. Click continue to checkout.


  1. Order Confirmation:

This is the confirmation page, before payment is made. Click ‘Order Confirm’.


  1.  Payment:

                   If you are paying by iDeal, Mollie, PayPal or CreditCard, you will be directed to the        Checkout Success page, at which point your order is complete. 

Credit Card Payment or Paypal Payments will be directed to a secured paypal page. The amount shown at the top of the page, is the TOTAL amount to be paid – including shipping already. Here you just have to either log into your paypal account or select the “continue’ link if you don’t have a paypal account to use your credit card. (Look for the credit card icons). Non-paypal account holders will be directed to a page to enter their billing info. 


  1. Next is a final review of the payment, click ‘Pay Now’.
  2. Paypal Confirmation that payment was made and will be redirected back to Spark Tech automatically.
  3. Checkout success page: Here you will be given a reference order number. 


To view a the checkout process with images go to our checkout page through our website.