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Influenced by hiphop, soul music, the civilrights movent of the 60`s and blaxploitation movie`s from the 70`s, one can assume the brand identity has a strong black precence.

And it does, a great culture since the beginning of mankind. But looking back a few centuries it`s obvious a lot has been done to have the black man, women and child in a disadvantaged position. This was achieved by kidnapping them from their motherland and stripping them of their identity, later this disposition was forced upon by law. For generations these dispositions have been stuctured in such a way that police brutality, unemployment, poverty, drugs, violence, prison sentences and murders deformed households.

Assasinations of leaders also changed the path dramatically.

Nowadays the culture still carries it`s desastrous past in various ways, so to make a long story short: as a people we need to protect our culture.

I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation.”

– Malcolm X –



Marciano Couture is an Amsterdam (the Netherlands) based and 3-time certified tailor with a passion for the craft. His clientele consisted of both male and female customers who liked to wear clothing made to fit their personality, posture and wishes upon the design of the item of choice.

A pattern would be drawn for every individual piece to be made, the cloth would be cut and the item is made. Two fitting sessions are arranged to ensure the fit for the wearer and the final details would be discussed, upon completion and handover of the garment the wearer had an unique and very personal piece to add to the wardrobe.

It has been a challenge to create an international customer base but a mini collection was needed to be produced and a webstore had to be realized, hard work and dedication created the opportunity to do so. In a sence for those who want identify themselves with the craft of tailoring but also for those that appreciate the style Marciano Couture is able to portray with this collection and the identity it carries. Now you can enjoy the brand that is easy to access. Measurements has been standardised so you can pick the desired size, styles have been simplified to attract an array of customers who are not able to have these personal and unique pieces but still want to represent the brand.

The world has changed a lot and so the brand needed to change with it, a necessary `message` had been woven in the brand identity and emblem. A message of intelligence, leadership, revolution, wisdom, independence, and prosperity.

Our people needs to get it right, and fast. We have killed, raped, looted, drugged, degraded, tortured, robbed and mislead our own people, just like our oppressors did to us. Why does it seem that ignorant behaviour is rewarded but good intentions are being frowned upon?

The time is now, to inform and inspire for a better future our youth can live in.

In spite of the afore mentioned, there is a lot to us in this brand as hints of mathematics, nature, interesting legal cases, ancient places or stuctures, (combat)sports, people that made a difference in (recent)history, physics, unusual words, food, symbols and other various other info is there to be found. There are topics that will make you think about things if you care to `dig a little deeper` in what is presented, and sometimes you might find something that is just for fun.

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